Consolidating debt with a Mortgage Refinance should be a well calculated transaction. Here at World Trade Mortgage we will review in detail each and every debt from your credit report, ask if there are any other debts not listed on the credit report, and discuss your objectives.  We will put a debt consolidation refinance plan together based on your objectives.  People often think that they should pay off the highest interest rate credit cards as their main priority and work their way down based on interest rate alone.  There is no ‘One Size Fits All’ when it comes to paying off debt, sometimes paying off the highest interest rate credit cards First makes sense, and other times it makes more sense paying off the debts with the Highest Payments 1st.  These are not always one in the same.  This is a theory called ‘Snowballing’ your debt. By paying off your Highest Monthly Payments with the Debt Consolidation Refinance, you Free Up More money every month. By Freeing up the Most amount of money every month you will be able to apply that savings towards another debt every month until it is paid off. Once that debt is paid off you will take the previous savings Plus the monthly payment from that debt and apply both to another debt.

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