Buying or Refinancing an Investment Property is more challenging than Buying or Refinancing a Primary residence or second home.  World Trade Mortgage is well versed in providing Investment Property Mortgages of all types. Every Investment Property has a specific purpose which usually falls into 2 categories, Fix and Flip, or Buy and Hold. The purpose of the property will determine the type of the Investment Property Mortgage offered and selected. A Fix and Flip Investor is usually better off with our ‘No Cost Mortgage’ which offers a slightly higher interest rate, but we cover ALL of the closing costs. (This includes ALL Lender Fees, Title Company Fees, and Government Recording Fees) This is a True No Cost Mortgage.  On the other hand and Buy and Hold Investor will usually be better off getting the lowest interest rate possible, which maintaining the normal Fees associated with a mortgage transaction.

Investment Property Mortgage PA