Purchasing a home can be a very stressful undertaking. Here at World Trade Mortgage we not only Focus on the obvious of Getting the lowest Rate and Fees, but also on the Not-So Obvious which is making the process as Easy and Stress Free as possible.  There is another often overlooked component in selecting the Right Company for a Purchase Money Mortgage, and that is getting the loan to the table on time.  Different Wholesale Lenders excel at different things. Some of these lenders focus on offering the lowest wholesale rates and fees but lack in their customer service, which often leads to longer turn times to process, underwrite, and clear loans for funding. And other lenders focus on FAST turn times and exceptional customer service but sacrifice a slight competitive edge with regards to their rates and fees.  The most important thing that you the customer can do when buying a house is to give yourself at least 60 days to close on your mortgage and house. As a mortgage broker, World Trade Mortgage must select a Wholesale Lender that can meet the timeline of the transaction while maintaining the most competitive pricing available.

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